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Why You Should Write Down the Details of Your Car Accident

It is imperative for an accident victim to write down the details of an accident immediately after it occurred. By creating a detailed record, rather than relying on memory, you may be able to preserve your case.

Because car accidents are highly emotional, it is easy to forget minor (and major) details a few days after the event. If you write it all down, you can expedite your insurance claim and if your case goes to trial, you can ensure you have the evidence required to win your claim.

What Should I Write?

Note what happened before the accident, as it happened, and immediately after. If you remember hearing, smelling or seeing anything before the accident, note those as well. Minor details can help prove fault later on; therefore, never assume that a small detail is unnecessary.

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Be sure to focus on all details relevant to your accident, such as:

  • Weather conditions
  • Conversations that were taking place
  • The accident scene

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Details About Your Injuries

If you are injured, write down what injuries you see right after the accident—such as lacerations on the hands or burns from your airbag’s deployment. The sooner you record information about your car accident injuries, the more credible those records can be.

Courts favor records taken closer to the accident time rather than details that are recorded after the fact. If a symptom or injury develops later on, document it as it progresses, and seek medical attention. Writing down information regarding your injuries is not enough; you need corroboration from a medical provider.

Details Regarding Financial Losses

Most likely there will be financial losses that result from the accident—such as time off from work, upfront and out-of-pocket medical costs, and so on. To get adequate compensation for those losses, you must write create a detailed medical expense log, as well as any financial implications and/or economic losses you have sustained as a result.

Write Down Every Conversation

Most importantly, any time you speak to someone regarding your accident, write down the date and time and the name of the individual. To avoid a “he said, she said” argument in court, your notes may add credibility to your side during any courtroom battles.

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