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Why Does a Car Accident Case Never See a Courtroom?

TV has given people a false sense of reality when it comes to car accident claims. While there are a handful that go to the courtroom and battle it out in front of a judge and jury, most accident claims never see the inside of a courtroom.

Car Accident Cases and Courtroom

Court is a last resort for attorneys on both sides. Because no one knows how a judge or jury will respond to their case, they would rather take their chances with a settlement, and avoid the unknown.

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The Jury: An Unknown Factor

Jurors are hard to read. Even with the best jury selection, you never know which way their verdict will swing. Sometimes a jury will reward you with the settlement you deserve, while others can be so unpredictable they not only don’t reward you with what you wanted, but they deny your case all together.

You may have jurors who look at you as a money-seeking individual rather than someone who is truly suffering. You also never know what a juror is truly thinking.

If you compare case results from around the country and even the state of Florida, you will see varying results and extreme unpredictability. This is one reason defense and plaintiffs alike will avoid court as much as possible.

They Already Know the Case’s Value

Another reason attorneys don’t go to court is they already know how much the case is worth; therefore, they can come to a comfortable agreement on settlement.

Going to Trial Costs Too Much

Not only are jurors unpredictable, but courtroom cases are extremely expensive for both parties. Insurance companies don’t want to risk putting out money to defend their case on top of paying a settlement and your attorney may not want to add court fees to the cost of your bill.

You Only Need the Court When There is No Agreement

In most cases, parties can agree. But, in those rare cases where no agreement can be met, you may have to go to court. But, your attorney or the judge may suggest other options, such as mediation or arbitration, before actually trying your case out in front of a jury.

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