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What to Do if You Are in an Accident with a State or City Vehicle

Getting into any type of passenger vehicle accident is a hassle. But, if the car you have collided with is a state or city-owned vehicle, then you may feel as though there is no hope.

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However, it does not matter who hit you; you can still fight even if it was a state or city-owned car. Whether a trash truck rear ends you or a police car sideswipes your vehicle, you should speak to a car accident attorney in Miami right away.

Get a Police Report

Call the police immediately after the accident. Then, make sure the report details who and what was involved, including the parties involved, their names and contact information, and a description of the event. Get a copy of that report, which may cost you a few dollars at the police station. This report, however, is important for proving your case.

Was the Party Associated with the Government or Private?

Even though a vehicle may appear government-owned, it could still belong to a private party. For example, a trash truck may be owned by a private company and not the city itself. Your car accident attorney will be able to determine if the party was or wasn’t government-affiliated.

Locate the Agency

Even if the vehicle was government-owned, you still need to identify which government agency owns it. For example, the police department is a separate agency than a street sweeper.

File the Claim

Your attorney will need to first file an administrative claim against the government. This claim is necessary before a civil suit may be filed. It will go through the agency’s legal team who will then evaluate how much your claim is worth; they will include damages and injuries. In these types of cases, the government has a few months to respond (whether through settlement or rejection) to your administrative claim. Once rejected, you can file a civil suit.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Miami Right Away

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident with a government vehicle or employee, you need to contact a skilled attorney. Government claims are difficult and require a complex knowledge of the administrative claims process.