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What to Do After a Car Accident in Miami

Each year the state of Florida witnesses a number of car accidents. Unfortunately, Miami accounts for a fair shame of them. It is a sad fact that the many lives lost due to horrific car accidents in Miami could have been saved if help had arrived in time.

What to Do after a Miami Car AccidentFlorida has enacted laws that define what to do following a car accident. In order to prevent hit and run accidents, which commonly occur in effort to avoid punishment or the stress of dealing with a wounded individual, here are some tips on what to do after a Miami car accident.

Stay calm

If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, the first thing to try to keep in mind is to remain calm. One must not make hasty decisions, such as leave the scene of an accident.

Think Before You Act.

Under Florida state law, if a person involved in an accident leaves the scene without waiting for the arrival of a law enforcement officer, this can amount to committing a felony.If an accident occurs that results in bodily injury to another, then fleeing the scene of the accident can amount to a second degree felony. If the accident resulted in an individual’s death after fleeing the scene of an accident can amount to a first degree felony.

Alert the Officials.

Immediately after assessing an accident, as well as the other parties involved, the next thing you should do is alert the appropriate officials. Even accidents that don’t involve physical injury but involve property damage—even minor property damage—must be reported to law enforcement officers immediately. A law enforcement official will arrive at the scene, assess any damage and record the details of the accident, and gather information on the parties involved, and alert a medical emergency team as needed.

Gather Evidence. While a police report is official documentation and a huge piece of evidence from a car accident, taking pictures of the vehicles as well as any damage done is never a bad idea. These pictures will also work as evidence in a car accident case, should either party decide to take legal action following an accident.

Although alerting the law enforcement officials is mandatory, one must remember he or she is not required to speak to a third party, such as insurance company until speaking to a lawyer. In case of an accident it’s always better to talk to your lawyer first before talking to anyone else.

Contact a Professional Miami Car Accident Attorney.

Personal injury attorneys have handled numerous car accident cases and helped victims and clients in receiving proper compensation and settlements they rightfully deserved. If you or a loved one is involved or harmed in a car accident, don’t hesitate to see how we can help.