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What Evidence is Necessary in Proving Your Car Accident Case?

Proving an accident case is not always as straight forward as one might think. Sometimes it requires gathering more evidence and proving that the other person was at fault more than that an accident actually occurred.

Your Car Accident Case

It is best to speak to a car accident attorney regarding your case. An attorney knows the evidence required, and how to present it so that you have a better chance for receiving a fair and just settlement.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is always required in proving any case—even a car accident case. This can include photographs proving the extent of the damage and debris, photos of injuries, etc. If you are filing a claim against a car manufacturer for a defective product, then you will need physical evidence proving that the vehicle was faulty and that the manufacturer did not take any steps to repair it.

Police Reports are Necessary, but Not Required

A police report isn’t required to file a car accident claim, but they are helpful in proving your case. An accident report will provide you with evidence regarding how the accident happened, when it happened, and even in determining who was found at fault for the accident.


Photographs are one of the best forms of evidence. If you don’t have physical evidence, then you need photographic evidence. Try to get photos from multiple angles, especially in a car accident case. This will help give a detailed image of the scene for jurors or the other party’s insurance company or legal team.

Medical Records

If you are claiming that you suffered extensive injuries because of your accident, then you must prove those injuries via medical records. That doesn’t just mean a physician’s note. You also need tests proving your injuries exist, such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc. Medical bills detailing the medical treatments you have received after the accident are also important in these types of cases.

This is why it is important you see a medical doctor immediately after an accident. A doctor will perform an examination and start the records process to prove your injuries did occur after the accident.

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