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Understanding Soft Tissue Injuries from a Car Accident

Each year there are thousands of injuries caused by car accidents in the United States. Soft tissue damage, more commonly referred to as “whiplash” is a very common injury from accidents. These types of injuries don’t need high speeds to occur, and can even happen when someone rear-ends your vehicle.Miami Personal Injury Attorney

What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue damage means any type of sprain, strain or bruising to the ligaments and tendons of the body. These are “soft” areas of the body rather than the hard areas that contain bones; therefore, it doesn’t just happen in the neck. Most soft tissue injuries from car accidents, however, involve the neck, back, shoulders and lower back.

Soft Tissue is Painful

A soft tissue injury can be painful and last for weeks or even years in some rare cases. While some insurance companies will try to state that soft tissue injuries are not a big deal and not worth a settlement or any form of compensation, they are neglecting how serious these types of injuries can be.

Any type of vehicle accident can force your body to whip in a violent motion, obviously causing damage to tendons, muscles and ligaments, because they are not designed for that type of motion. For some people, these types of injuries can last for months and cause other ailments, such as frequent migraines, nerve pains, and more.

Increasing the Chances You Will be Compensated

It is not easy working with your insurance company to get a proper settlement for your soft tissue injuries. Because these types of injuries are so ignored by car insurance companies, you will need to take the proper steps to increase the chances they will approve your claim. Some things you can do include:

  • Properly documenting your injuries. That means taking photographs of the accident, getting copies of your medical records, having a physician test and document that there is soft tissue damage, etc. You could even keep a journal detailing how the pain affects you each day.
  • Hiring a personal injury attorney. While you may think you can do it all on your own, a personal injury attorney knows how to deal with insurance companies and can compute the actual costs of your soft tissue damage so that you are adequately compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering.