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Top States for Auto Accidents and Related Injuries

It is estimated that one person is injured or killed in an auto accident every 14 seconds in the United States.

There are some states that tend to see more accidents than others. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety developed a list of the most dangerous states for car accidents in 2011. These states were assessed not just for the number of car accident fatalities, but the number of injuries and the number of accident claims filed within that year.

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What are the 5 Most Dangerous Driving States?

According to the survey, the top five dangerous driving states were:

1. Mississippi

2. Montana

3. Alabama

4. Wyoming

5. Arkansas

That Doesn’t Count Pedestrians

There are some states that are deadlier for pedestrians that are killed by auto accidents – whether they are an innocent bystander or struck by a car. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the deadliest state for 2010 was Florida—with Delawarecoming in at a close second. The five deadliest states for pedestrians included:

1. Florida

2. Delaware

3. Arizona

4. District of Columbia

5. South Carolina

Why are Some States Deadlier Than Others?

Most people are surprised to find that smaller states have a higher number of injuries and fatalities—taking away the common myth that a larger, more metropolitan state will have more accidents or fatalities.

The fact is, it is not just population that determines the accident rate, but also the driving lifestyle. Some states promote reckless behaviors while others are just too crowded for vehicles to drive safely. Other times there are states that make drinking and driving a culture, resulting in more DUI-related deaths than other states.