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Top Mistakes Made During an Accident Settlement

You want to settle your car accident claim and you are in the midst of negotiations. While you may think you know how much you need for your injuries and losses, there are a lot of people who walk away from settlements with regrets. You can avoid such situations just be avoiding these common mistakes made during the settlement process.

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Common Mistakes Made During Accident Settlements

Even if you think you have it all figured out, it is easy to make mistakes during these types of settlement talks. The emotions are high, you may be even in pain,  so you aren’t thinking about the ifs in the future. Some common mistakes made during car accident settlements include:

  • Know the DifficultyEvery car accident case is unique, but each has its own level of difficulty. Whether it is proving your injuries are legitimate to possibly being at fault for the accident, you need to know what issues your case has when negotiating a settlement.
  • Not Having Documentation You need accurate documentation for your settlement negotiations. From medical bills to estimated medical costs, repairs, and more. By having these items thoroughly documented, you can ensure you get compensation for your losses.
  • Asking for Too Much There is a limit to how much you can ask for based on your injuries and losses. If you sustained minor injuries and you are not permanently disabled, do not expect the insurance company to hand over millions of dollars. You need to know how much your case is actually worth.
  • Showing Your Hand Negotiations are all about back and forth. You may have a proposed amount and the adjuster comes back with their own. Whatever you do, don’t show your hand during negotiations. If you tell them exactly how much you need for recovery, that’s all you will get.
  • Going at it Alone You may think you know the law and know how to negotiate, but in these types of cases it is better to have a third party present that can represent your case. An attorney is not emotionally tied to the outcome; therefore, they can accurately estimate your settlement amount and negotiate on your behalf.