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Tips for Staying Safe While Driving at Night

There have been numerous studies that show a correlation between the time of the day and accident numbers. One of the highest risk times is that of night. This is because there is a lack of natural light and headlights can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic.

Also, light is not the only reason there are more accidents once the sun goes down; sometimes it is how people act in the middle of the night.

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If you are going to drive at night, you cannot prevent other drivers from acting negligently, but there are things you can do to ensure you do not cause a nighttime accident.

How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

1. Headlights – While you need your headlights to see, be cautious of other drivers. Position your headlights so that they illuminate the road ahead, and are not in the eyes of oncoming drivers.

You should also make sure that your headlights are not too bright and never use high beams when there is oncoming traffic.

2. Keep Your Windshield Clean – Your windshield should always be clean so that you can see where you are going. A dirty windshield causes blind spots and even distractions.

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3. Mirrors – Mirrors can make the light from behind seem brighter or even get into your eyes while you are driving. Make sure to place your side mirrors so that they are adjusted properly and keep light out of your eyes.

You should also clean your rear view and side mirrors frequently to ensure you can see clearly at night.

4. Turn Off Lights – You need your headlights, but you don’t need any dim lights running inside your vehicle.

You can even dim your dashboard lights so that they do not distract you from the road ahead. There is no need to have dashboard lights up bright.

5. Look for Animals – One of the leading causes of nighttime accidents are animals. Be on the lookout for animals on the road.

They commonly dart out into traffic, especially when least expect them to, and try to cross the road. You can tell if there are animals present by also keeping your eyes on the side of the road.

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