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Single-Vehicle versus Common: Which Type of Car Accident is Worse?

According to the National Safety Council, there are over 10 million accidents each year in the United States. These can include everything from a minor fender bender to deadly collision—but the numbers are staggering all the same. Out of these 10 million accidents, it is easy to see what categories tend to cause the highest number of injuries and deaths.

single vehicle accident vs common vehicle accidet

Common Vehicle Accidents

These are when one or more vehicles are involved and collide with one another. These common vehicles accidents can include:

  • Rear End Accidents – When one vehicle strikes the other from behind.
  • Side Impact Accidents – More often referred to as a “T-Bone” accident because of how the vehicles look when they collide.
  • Head On Accident – This is when the front bumper of each car strikes one another.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

This is when just one vehicle is involved with another stationary object or non-vehicle type object. These can often cause more damage and injuries than the common vehicle accidents we just explored. Some common single-vehicle accidents can include:

  • Fixed Object Accidents – This is when a driver strikes something on the road, such as a light pole, and has significant damage to their car as well as injuries themselves.
  • Stationary Accident – This is when an occupied, non-moving vehicle is struck by another and is often the result of a hit and run.
  • Pedestrian Accident – This is when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian or cyclist and often is one of the most deadly types of accidents.

Which Type of Accident is Worse?

All car accidents are tragic. They can cause minor injuries that can affect an individual for life or be fatal – leaving loved ones to cope with a tragic loss. Even those without physical injuries can be left with thousands to pay in property damage.

According to a survey conducted by, it was estimated that two-thirds of damaging accidents were commonly found in six different accident scenarios:

1. Drivers hitting other cars – 22.7 percent

2. Another car hits your vehicle – 22.2 percent

3. Single car collisions – 7.9 percent

4. Poor or hazardous weather conditions – 5.8 percent

5. Fixed object or parked car being struck – 5.4 percent

6. Parking lot accidents – 5 percent

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