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Rear End Car Accidents in Miami

Rear end car accidents are very common in urban areas, especially in a city like Miami. Most rear-end accidents are minor and do little damage compared to head-on collisions due to force and impact. However, when looking at the broader picture, rear end car accidents that result in significant damage contribute to a large portion of total vehicular accidents in a year.

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Most rear end collisions occur due to a driver’s delayed reaction time. Even though bodily injuries sustained in a rear-end accident is typically less than the injuries in other types of accidents, the damage can be higher. Not only is the rear of the vehicle badly damaged, but the often the items or luggage carried in a vehicle’s truck can also be badly damaged, totaling the sum of overall damage.

Rear End Car Accident in MiamiOne important thing to keep in mind is regardless of the cause of the rear-end accident, the liability is almost always on the tailing driver. There are exceptions to this rule, however. If the leading vehicle takes an abrupt turn or makes a sudden stop, the driver is partially at fault. The reason we used ‘partially’ is because one of the top rules of driving is the tailing driver must always maintain a safe distance behind another vehicle.

Insurance Companies Under-Compensate

Unfortunately, it is all too common for insurance companies to under-compensate the victim of a rear end car accident as they consider rear-end accidents to be minor in nature. This means it is incredibly important for rear-end car accident victims to work with a competent and professional Miami car accident lawyer if he or she wants a proper settlement and compensation for damages done.

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