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Injured in a Taxi Cab Accident: How Do I Get Compensation?

There are two ways for a person to be injured in a taxi accident in Florida: being hit by a cab as a pedestrian or being in an accident while riding as a passenger.

Taxi Cab Accident
Taxi cab accidents do not affect your ability to receive compensation. But how the accident occurred will determine how you can file a claim and recuperate your costs. Because these types of accident cases are the most complex, you will want to speak to a car accident attorney in Miami. An attorney can better find out how much you will earn in compensation, but also make sure that your claim isn’t pushed to the back of the line because of the taxi cab’s insurance company.

If the Taxi Hits Your Vehicle

If the taxi hits your vehicle and causes an accident, then this is one of those standard car accident cases. As with any type of negligence-based case, you would have to prove that the taxi cab driver caused the accident and you must prove the damages were caused by the taxi driver’s negligence. But, as long as you can prove those two things, these types of cases are much easier to prove and collect on than others.

If You Were a Passenger in a Taxi

If you were riding in a taxi and there was an accident with another vehicle, then it becomes a passenger accident case. Since you were not driving, you were an innocent party in the accident and your actions had no role in the accident itself. This means that it is easier to collect a settlement for your injuries because one of the drivers was negligent; therefore, you will be able to file a claim and collect compensation for your injuries or losses.

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Who Do You Sue?

You will need to decide who to sue for your case. If the taxi driver owns his own cab and is his own business, then you would file the suit against the driver or his insurance company. But, if the driver worked for a private taxi company as an employee, then you may have a claim not only against the driver, but his or her employer.

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Hire an Attorney for Your Taxi Accident Case

It doesn’t matter if you were driving or you were injured because of a taxi passenger incident, you should have a skilled car accident representing your case. Proving these types of claims can be very complex. Having an attorney by your side can help prove negligence and negotiate a better settlement on your behalf.