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Do Not Do These Things after a Car Accident

If you have experienced a car accident recently, it may be in your human nature to try to check things off a list and resolve your problems quickly. When you plan on filling a claim for a personal injury case, you can hurt your chances of getting a claim fulfilled by making minor mistakes along the way.

what to do after a car accident

Do not do the following after a car accident, as it may alter your ability to make a claim and get it paid for by your insurance company:

  • Do not say the accident is your fault. It is human nature to want to apologize for a vehicle accident but you should not do so, especially at the scene. Also, never admit your fault to your car insurance agent. No matter how nice the person is to you, he or she is not on your side and has their own interests relating to your case.
  • Do not include your emotions in the report you make to the police or your insurance company. Although a car accident will stir up emotions and leave you shaken up, make your report as factual as possible. Accidentally indicating emotion in an official report can affect your chances of getting a claim fulfilled.
  • Do not settle on the claim until you have gotten all of the medical treatment you need. Sometimes the cost of your injuries may be significantly higher than you ever thought because of an underlying condition you did not know about at the time. Settling too early means you have no chance of getting more money for the incident.
  • Do not avoid filing a police report. It is common for other drivers to want to avoid a police report because no one wants their insurance rates to go up. Although you want to be a nice person, filing a police report is the only way you can protect yourself in case of an injury you may not immediately detect. If there is no record, you cannot get a claim.
  • Do not sign release forms from your insurance company. A lot of these release forms have fine print which also releases the insurance company from any responsibility in the accident.

The insurance company has a lawyer on their side, so why don’t you get one on yours? You deserve complete coverage for pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of a traumatic car accident. All too often, people forget just how dangerous cars can be when they collide with one another.

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