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Devastating Roll-Over Wreck in Miami

Shortly after 2:30 am early Monday morning, a driver traveling southbound on State Road 826 in Southwest Miami-Dade county lost control of his SUV and flipped approximately six times for a total distance of 50 feet. The driver was ejected from the vehicle.


After the initial impact, several passing drivers who witnessed the crash ran to the injured driver’s rescue before calling 911. Witnesses wanted to make sure the driver was okay, but claim that he was in and out of it. Emergency responders reported to the scene to take the driver to a local hospital shortly afterwards.

The driver was later transported the hospital where he is currently projected to make a full recovery…thanks to local Samaritans.

While the cause of the crash remains uncertain at this time, it is believed that fatigue was a factor. Witnesses at the scene of the crash believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Fatigued driving is a major cause for serious car accidents, such as this one. It is one of the top reasons for car accidents among driving under the influence and distracted driving—including texting and driving.

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It’s no secret that we all have busy lives, and sometimes we are up, active, and even working for 20 plus hours each day. Then, when it is time to drive home, it’s easy to lose focus, concentration, resulting in a severe and even devastating accident.

All in all, it’s a miracle the driver of this roll-over accident will make a full recovery. However, let this be a lesson to fellow drivers that fatigued driving can be just as severe and dangerous as other driving habits and infractions.

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