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Can You Sue if Your Car Accident Involved a Delivery Truck?

Delivery trucks are just as likely to get in an accident as regular passenger vehicles. But you may wonder if you are entitled to a lawsuit if your accident involved a delivery truck. If so, then you have plenty of legal options.

Miami Car Accident Lawyers

The Delivery Company

If you were hit by a delivery truck, the owner may be the potential plaintiff in your suit. That is because companies are liable for their delivery vehicles. As long as the driver was an employee and he or she was acting within the scope of their employment, you can sue the company that owns the truck. If the driver was on his or her lunch break or was an independent contractor, you may still be able to hold the company liable, but it becomes a more difficult case.

The Driver and the Company

If you are suing the company, then that doesn’t mean you cannot sue the driver, too. In fact, a skilled personal injury attorney will likely hold both parties accountable for damages. That way if the company is not held liable, you can still recover lost wages, medical bills, and other costs from the driver. By suing both, you are more likely to receive a fair settlement.

What about an Unknown Delivery Truck or Hit and Run?

There are many delivery trucks in Miami that are not clearly marked, and often they work for multiple companies as contractors. When one of these vehicles hits your car or the situation involves a hit-and-run with a delivery vehicle, you can still recover damages.

Your Miami car accident attorney can still file a lawsuit even without knowing who caused the injuries. By opening the lawsuit, you can investigate the accident more thoroughly and you help avoid a statute of limitations issue later. Also, because leaving the scene of an accident is illegal, your attorney can enlist the help of local police to pursue the individual who caused damage and injury to your vehicle and left the scene of the accident.