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A Car Crashed into My Home, Now What?

Car accidents with stationary objects happen more than you might think. Usually it is a telephone poll or a fire hydrant, but sometimes a car will actually run into a building, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

In fact, it just occurred in Fort Lauderdale on August 21, 2015. A small supermarket’s front window was completely destroyed when a car ran straight into it.

A Car Crashed into Home

Thankfully no one was hurt in that accident, but it could have been a lot worse. In that case, the driver stated that she hit the gas instead of the brake, sending the car careening into the building.

If a vehicle crashes into your home, you may face the very real problem of having to find somewhere else to live while your house is being repaired. All of this is extremely expensive.

Accident Causes that Result in Damage to a Home or Business

There are several reasons that a driver may run into a home, business, or other building. Generally, it is because of driver error, like the Fort Lauderdale incident. Other reasons may include:

  • Drowsy driving
  • Hazards in the roadway
  • Poor road design
  • Drunk driving
  • Vehicle malfunction

Regardless of the reason, you as a property owner will rarely (if ever) be deemed at fault.

House and Property Damage after a Car Accident

In normal Florida car accident cases that involve another vehicle, you would use your insurance first and then turn to the other driver’s insurance carrier, if necessary. In accidents that involve a home or other property, the insurance claims involved will generally work in the same way.

Your homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance will likely cover some, if not all, of the damage that was a direct result of the crash. However, accepting a settlement from your own insurance company may take away your rights to sue the driver for his or her recklessness while driving. Sometimes, in accepting a settlement offer, you also assign your rights to sue to the insurance company.

That means that the insurance company may still sue, but you will not get any of that money. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney before accepting any settlement, even from your own insurance company. You may actually be able to get more by suing the driver (or his or her insurance company) yourself.

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