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4 Common Injuries in a Miami Rear End Car Accident

Rear end car accidents are among the most common accidents in Miami, Florida. If you walk from such an accident without any injuries, then you must be very fortunate because even the mildest accidents have the potential to injure or cause death at worst. If you have been injured in a accident contact a Miami rear end car accident lawyer today.

About 29 percent of every car crash that happens in the country involves a rear-end collision. In Miami, Florida, intersections such as the Florida Turnpike are infamous for day-to-day rear-end collisions.

Here now are the 4 common injuries that you are likely to sustain from a rear-end car accident.

Concussion injuries

Concussion is arguably the leading injury from rear-end car accidents. The brain suffers an injury from a  heavy blow or forceful impact. For example, the driver’s head hits the dashboard violently before settling back to the seat. This is  normally a ‘silent’ injury because it is not easy to detect. However, the victim needs close attention through the whole day and night after collision just to ensure the situation does not get worse.Miami Rear End Car Accident

It’s mainly caused by a car that stops abruptly and gets hit from behind by an equally speeding car. This leads to a rattling impact that shakes or bangs vital parts of the body like the spine and the head. Though you may not realize it, a concussion may develop into a serious medical condition. This is why you need to check into a medical center for immediate attention.


Whiplash is arguably the biggest cause of worry for those whose cars receive violent smacks from behind, and is also known as violent shock. It occurs as a result of sudden backward or forward jerk movement of the head especially in a rear-end car accident.

You may not realize immediately that you have whiplash until a maximum of 24 hours when you will start to experience neck pain, headache, shoulder blades pain, lower back pain, dizziness and very disturbed sleep. Once you have a number of these symptoms, then it is definite that you have whiplash and you should seek medical attention.

The main parts that suffer injuries include the spinal cord as well as the upper torso like the neck and the brain. It can also cause inter-vertebral joint damages in discs, ligaments and nerve roots.


 When the car windows shatter from the impact, pieces of glass fly in all directions. Depending on the momentum of the ramming, these glasses can cause deep cuts. They are followed by a lot of bleeding which has to be stopped as soon as possible. A lot of blood is dangerous and sometimes leads to avoidable deaths. It is recommended that resulting wounds be sterilized to prevent bacterial infection.

Limb Sprains

Because most of us deploy shock absorbers to act as buffers against shock in accident situations, it is no wonder that rear-end collisions lead to airbag-related injuries such as dislocation of the ankle or knee, minor inflammation of the head, arm sprain due to whipping out in self-protection. The main trigger for limb injuries is the suddenness of the collision, leaving the driver of the front car no time to veer off course.

Tips for handling rear-end accident injuries

  • Report the accident to relevant authorities. This forms a good basis for compensation after investigation.
  • Go to hospital. You may feel no pain but you still need to see a doctor. Some injuries are internal and you may not realize them until it is very late.
  • Call a personal injury attorney to advise you on the best legal course of action.

Rear end car accidents  are very common in Miami, Florida and across the United States. Though many situations are as a result of negligence from the driver in the car behind, evidence shows that in certain situations the front car driver may be to blame as well. Irrespective of who is at fault, always seek medical attention.

Call a Miami Rear End Car Accident Lawyer

Besides seeing a doctor, it helps to take necessary legal steps, which can include:

  • Inform the local police immediately and don’t leave the scene.
  • Seek damage compensation for anything from a crack to a lost bonnet or total destruction of the car.
  • Because Miami, Florida allows even commuters in rear-end car accidents to testify, you can also offer information that could lead to identifying the responsible party for the crash.

In order to receive compensation for a rear-end accident in Miami, Florida, contact us today.